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TecReational Diver Distinctive Specialty

The TecReational Diver Distinctive Specialty is a PADI class that I developed to introduce Recreational Divers to the skills and planning process of a Technical diver.  This class is all about personal diving skills and is designed to be done in the gear you have and use everyday unlike the Tec Basics and Tec 40 classes which require specific "technical" gear.

In this class you will be introduced to the following diving skills:

1.  Non-silting kicks which allow you to glide quietly close to the silty bottom without disturbing it.  Those kicks are:

      a.  Frog Kick
      b.  Modified Flutter Kick
      c.  Helicopter Turn
     d.  Backwards Kick

2.  Deploying a Surface Marker Buoy ("shooting a bag");

3.  Performing basic skills, mask flood/clear; mask remove/replace; air shares all while maintaining horizontal trim and your place within the water column and maintaining contact with your teammates.

The class has a minimum of two lecture sessions where we'll discuss gas management, decompression theory and the importance of the "Two Ps" -- Planning and Precision.  There will be a minimum of two pool sessions to introduce and work on the kicks and skills with four dives/two days in Open Water.